ISO 9001

Provision of services of mud-balneotherapy, inhalation therapy, hydro-physio-kinetic therapy, wellness treatments, balneotherapy.
ISO 9001: vision 2000 is a norm applied on international level. Companies who operate pursuant to the models defined in ISO 9001 are recognised worldwide. ISO 9001 does not define the product or service requisites, but rather those of the corporate system – the Quality System, comprised of staff organisation, procedures, processes and all the resources capable of assuring Corporate Management and the Customer that the requisites specified for the service supplied have been met. The application of the norm on Quality Systems can ensure that such performance requisites are attained and maintained in the course of time.


ISO 14001

Management of thermal concession of bicarbonate-calcium water extracted from wells: thermal pools, services of mud therapy, inhalation therapy, hydro-physio-kinetic therapy, wellness treatments, balneotherapy and connected health services. Meeting room. Technological systems. Cafeteria service entrusted to external company.
The benefits that a company can harvest by applying an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001 norms are several: assurance of compliance with current environmental legislation, efficiency in the use of resources. Corporate Management is committed to actuating continuous improvement in environmental management and a management oriented towards the prevention of pollution, and to comply with environmental legislation and connected norms. The norm entails a periodical re-examination of the environmental management system to ensure that the system continues to be suitable and efficient.



Registration IT-000862.

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Terre di Siena - carbon free 2015

Land of Siena. Carbon free 2015

Terme Antica Querciolaia is actively contributing to the project “Siena Carbon Free 2015” born with the goal of making the territory of the province of Siena the first vast zero-emissions area in Europe.

Terre di Siena - ospiti di valore

Land of Siena. Valued guests

Terme Antica Querciolaia is member of the circle of operators who share the commitment for environmental respect and for the valorisation of local culture and tradition for a sustainable tourism.