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Foyer La Fontana

Foyer La Fontana is a bar/restaurant situated inside the Antica Querciolaia spa.
At the entrance to the pools, next to the historical courtyard, there is the main cafeteria, open from dawn for delicious breakfasts and snacks. Fresh pastries and delicious sandwiches are always available.
Furthermore, to be able to savour your lunch with total peace of mind, “the foyer” offers a range of dishes that focus on local ingredients without neglecting the vegetarian and vegan client.
After a day spent in spa water, we are open with our “Apericena” every Saturday. Come for total relaxation and enjoy a cocktail and local wines.
Throughout the summer season, we also avail of another two locations:
A second bar outside the facility close to the garden of the new area and the “Chiosco” to cool down with our artisan ice cream.
The Foyer staff is always on hand to help you choose your favourite item!
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