Terme in Toscana – Spas in Tuscany

The architecture of yesterday, the architecture of today.

Water is the protagonist; it shapes architecture, the forms, the colours. This is Terme in Toscana.

The heart of the spa complex (second half of the 19th century) shows an indissoluble bond with its spring: its horseshoe shape was designed to embrace, almost as if protecting, the spring. The travertine with its warm tones and thousand-year old veins recalls a world – the world of Terme in Toscana – that owes everything to water.
History mentions an illustrious guest who benefited from the healing properties of the spring: Garibaldi, “the hero of two worlds”, came here to treat the aftermaths of a wound reported in the Battle of Aspromonte. “The Rapolano thermal baths have eliminated a nuisance in my left foot. The effect was instantaneous. This gives me a good opinion of these baths and I think I will remain here for a few days (August 1867).
The building has today been enhanced with a very modern structure, expanded in its activities and reception: one of the best examples of Tuscan spas.
Terme in Toscana is Antica Querciolaia. Terme in Toscana is the destination of your next trip. Choosing Rapolano, choosing to relax, choosing wellness, choosing Terme in Toscana, means choosing unique moments …