Thermal water, mud, expert hands. Your smile has never been so radiant.

If the pleasure of a massage or a treatment is incomparable, a spa treatment dedicated to the face is an experience difficult to describe in words. Wellbeing, lightness, ecstasy – these are the words chosen by our clients to describe our face treatments.
It is true that the face is the mirror of the soul and judging by the radiant smiles after our face treatments, this experience certainly enhances the spirit.
Cleaning, anti-ageing treatments, peeling, clay masks, anti-stress massages, radiofrequency sessions – these are the treatments that await you to give you the utmost splendour and radiance.

Important information for Clients:
Please arrive in the relax room 5 minutes before the start of treatments in order to avoid problems or delays. During treatments, please follow the indications of the staff regarding routes to be taken. Our reception is always at your disposal for any information or clarification, and so is the facility’s physician, if necessary. Treatment duration times are supplied for the sole purpose of allowing the Client to assess how much time will be required in order to undergo the chosen treatment; it is hence not to be intended as the net time necessary for the treatment.

pulizia viso

Regenerating Facial Cleansing

A deep and at the same time gentle cleansing of the face that purifies the skin, leaving it particularly radiant and compact. Facial cleansing is considered a basic beauty treatment needed to remove impurities and blackheads (comedones).
It is a traditional, foundational treatment to maintain proper skin functionality and prevent and alleviate the most diffused skin conditions. Indicated for all skin types.

  • 50 minutes
    € 55,00

Intensive face treatment for sensitive skin

Innovative regenerating, moisturizing and soothing treatment for sensitive and delicate skin. Anti-inflammatory and restructuring action for skin with capillary fragility and couperose problems. The moisturizing properties of snail slime and regenerating Verna wheat, in synergy with active “cortison – like” and vasoprotective give relief to irritated skin and promote skin renewal, for more hydrated, compact and regenerated skin.

  • 50 minutes
    € 75,00
immagine nuovi trattamenti eShop terme (bava di Lumaca)

Intensive anti-aging facial treatment

Exclusive anti-aging, smoothing and regenerating treatment. Promotes cell renewal, giving immediate radiance and firmness to the face, thanks to the antioxidant action of Verna wheat which in synergy with snail slime guarantees a natural filler effect.

  • 50 minutes
    € 70,00

Facial Treatment with Micronized Powders

Innovative treatment for the care and beauty of your face. Thanks to the synergy of the micronized powders that act in-depth, it favors cell renewal, conferring immediate tone and radiance to your face. It has a revitalizing and anti-age action, reduces blemishes, is sebum normalizing and is effective on tired, dehydrated skin, conferring vitality and softness. It is hence a complete treatment that answers the demands of every type of skin.

  • About 90 minutes
    € 110,00
radiofrequenza viso e decollete

Stem cell and Radiofrequency Treatment

Non-invasive anti-age treatment that confers immediate radiance and tone to the face. Thanks to the synergy of radiofrequency and precious ingredients of natural origin, it offers an effective smoothing and regenerating action, stimulates new collagen and helps correct the signs of time.

  • About 60 minutes
    € 85,00

Thermal Clay Mask

Ventilated green clay mask based on clay and precious mallow and poplar bud extracts. For a purifying, mineralising and sebo-normalising action on skin. Effective action on mixed, tired skin lacking tone, it confers vitality and tone together with a pleasant sense of freshness and softness for an immediately regenerated and radiant face.

  • 25 minutes
    € 45,00
maschera viso argilla termale

Radiofrequency – Face and Décolleté Area

Radiofrequency facial is one of the most innovative treatments to contrast loss of tone and the appearance of wrinkles. It is a non-invasive anti-ageing treatment that confers immediate radiance and tone to the face and, through heat, stimulates the production of new collagen.

  • 25 minutes
    € 50,00

Face, Scalp and Décolleté Area Anti-Stress Massage

Special massage technique that regenerates the face and décolleté area and yields a toning, deeply relaxing and revitalising, anti-ageing effect. Furthermore, the stimulation of specific points of the scalp yields a deep and relaxing sensation of wellness.

  • 25 minutes
    € 50,00
massaggio antistress viso
peeling maschera

Peeling Mask

Favours cell renewal by eliminating dead cells and impurities, for a more radiant and replenished skin. Its exfoliating action smooths and moisturises in depth. Indicated for all skin types.

  • 25 minutes
    € 45,00



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