A full immersion into wellness? Our body treatments will make you feel like you’re in paradise…

There is no time more precious than the time we dedicate to our body, because taking care of our body means also taking care of our spirit. The spa is not just water, it is above all care. That is why the spa body treatments hold a special place among our endless proposals.
Spa beauty utilises leading-edge machines, too, exploits principles and treatments of spa origin, but is enriched with natural elements such as sea salt and essential oils.
Caring for our body is a great way to feel good inside!

Important information for Clients:
Please arrive in the relax room 5 minutes before the start of treatments in order to avoid problems or delays. During treatments, please follow the indications of the staff regarding routes to be taken. Our reception is always at your disposal for any information or clarification, and so is the facility’s physician, if necessary. Treatment duration times are supplied for the sole purpose of allowing the Client to assess how much time will be required in order to undergo the chosen treatment; it is hence not to be intended as the net time necessary for the treatment.

peeling rigenerante corpo

Regenerating Body Peeling 100% Nature

New natural skin regenerating treatment for an extraordinarily smooth and compact skin and newfound softness and elasticity. In this treatment, the properties of thermal water are combined with those of Himalayan salts, enriched with selected essential oils for an exfoliating action that stimulates cell renewal and deeply nourishes the skin. Optimal pre-sun treatment. Ideal preparation for any spa beauty and wellness treatment.

  • 25 minutes
    € 50,00

MPH 120

The MPH120 method is an exclusive toning and slimming treatment for cellulite. It generates endogenous heat, creating hot & cold waves that yield a vascular gymnastics exercise. Thanks to the action of its active principles, it acts on the dermis and hypodermis skin levels. Acts on general and localised fat deposits.

  • 50 minutes
    € 80,00

Radiofrequency – Body

Radiofrequency is indicated to effectively treat skin conditions caused by cellulite, loss of skin tone in arms and internal thigh area and buttocks.

  • 50 minutes
    € 70,00

Remodeling body treatment

Total body treatment with lipolytic, toning and draining activity. A massage able to stimulate the microcirculation that combines the anti-inflammatory and anti-edema action of Arnica Montana with the revulsive effect of Chili Pepper. It reactivates the microcirculation and improves the vascular tone, favoring the reabsorption of excess fluids. It performs a firming action, increases tissue oxygenation, an ideal adjuvant in the imperfections of the first stages of cellulite.

  • 50 minutes
    € 70,00



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