There is no better gift than taking care of our bodies.

In the body there is wisdom, an ancient wisdom that we often forget. Stress, anxiety, performance standards, frenzy… each day the body is engaged in a battle. Involved as it is in this head-on fight with cortisol (the stress hormone), the body can no longer give us the strength of intuition, that ancestral knowledge that makes us unique.
Our body treatments can relax, regenerate, invigorate, detoxify that marvellous instrument that can then resound in harmony with the entire universe.

Body treatments are a unique gift for ourselves and for those we love.

Important information for Clients:
Please arrive in the relax room 5 minutes before the start of treatments in order to avoid problems or delays. During treatments, please follow the indications of the staff regarding routes to be taken. Our reception is always at your disposal for any information or clarification, and so is the facility’s physician, if necessary. Treatment duration times are supplied for the sole purpose of allowing the Client to assess how much time will be required in order to undergo the chosen treatment; it is hence not to be intended as the net time necessary for the treatment.


Relaxing Thermal Bath with Clay Salts

Thermal bath with relaxing action in whirlpool bath, it returns tone and beauty to skin thanks to the combined and synergetic action of the thermal water and a complex based on clay and exclusive essential oils.

  • 30 minutes
    € 25,00

Detoxifying Mud and Sauna

Total-body thermal mud treatment at 47°C followed by thermal hydro-massage with clay salts and a brief rubbing. It unites the therapeutic properties of mud aged in thermal water with an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, tension-relieving action on the muscular-skeletal system. A detoxifying and energising treatment that favours repair processes, post-traumatic consolidation and healing. Its relaxing action stimulates the immune system and favours cell turnover, removes toxins and purifies.

  • about 40 minutes
    € 45,00
fango sauna detossinante
fango termale corpo rigenerante

Regenerating Thermal Mud Body Treatment

Total-body thermal mud at 47°C followed by ozonized thermal hydro-massage, completed by a total body toning massage for an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, tension-relieving action on the muscular-skeletal system. For a deep muscle relaxing and detoxifying action.

  • about 60 minutes
    € 65,00

Body Firming “Querciolaia” Clay Mud Mask

Total-body treatment based on “Clay” aged in tanks containing thermal running water that confers specific therapeutic properties to it, enriching it with active trace elements and minerals that are transferred to the skin upon application. The clay performs a firming, moisturizing and protective action that normalizes and tones the skin and enhances the oxygenation of tissues. The treatment is ideal in helping to combat the first stages of cellulite formation and is indicated for all skin types.

  • about 40 minutes
    € 55,00
maschera fango
fango termale benessere gambe

Thermal Mud For Leg Wellness

Invigorating, toning, soothing, emollient and draining action on the microcirculation. Ideal treatment for the venous system of the lower limbs, it soothes swollen, restless legs. The thermal mud confers legs a sensation of lightness, relief and wellness.

  • 30 minutes
    € 40,00



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