When the spa becomes emotion.

A relaxing pause to rebalance energy and recover your smile. And is that all? Certainly not.

Our regenerating treatments make the spa in a truly deep emotional experience. Enveloping massages, treatments that confer harmony and favour total relaxation, like the Californian massage, the purification of the biosauna, the sensuality of the Hammam and the unparalleled intimacy of the couple’s massage.
Revitalise your senses!

Important information for Clients:
Please arrive in the relax room 5 minutes before the start of treatments in order to avoid problems or delays. During treatments, please follow the indications of the staff regarding routes to be taken. Our reception is always at your disposal for any information or clarification, and so is the facility’s physician, if necessary. Treatment duration times are supplied for the sole purpose of allowing the Client to assess how much time will be required in order to undergo the chosen treatment; it is hence not to be intended as the net time necessary for the treatment.

querciolaia hammam e biosauna

Querciolaia Hammam and Biosauna

Turkish bath and biosauna – a unique, exciting experience… losing yourself in a timeless corner of the world made of steam, relaxation, pampering and aromatic essences. A sublime union between Turkish bath and biosauna that yields an enveloping “steam bath” where the skin is purified and appears more elastic and radiant.

  • 60 minutes
    € 15,00

Olis Tevico Mediterranean Holistic Treatment

Head-face-neck massage associated with foot reflexology manoeuvres applied to the principles of traditional Mediterranean medicine. The treatment focusses on two extremely sensitive areas of the body, the head and the feet, using shiatsu techniques and finger-pressure sequences, relaxation and draining that stimulate a long-lasting state of wellbeing and relaxation.

  • 50 minutes
    € 70,00
riflessologia plantare
massaggio relax termale

Thermal Relax Massage

Total body massage performed with enveloping movements that favour a deep sense of relaxation and at the same time the awakening of vital energies. Eliminates fatigue and tension caused by daily stress and stimulates a long-lasting sense of wellness and relaxation.

  • 50 minutes
    € 68,00

Relaxing AromaBody Spa Treatment

In the 5th century B.C., Hippocrates and natural medicine proclaimed the efficacy of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy – and the Aromatherapy Spa Massage in particular – are ideal solutions that instil a diffused sense of wellness and relaxation. The body and mind relax, and the beauty of your skin and that of your entire figure benefit.

  • 50 minutes
    € 70,00
aromacorpo termale relax
massaggio rivitalizzante antistress

Revitalising Anti-Stress Massage

Synthesis of several different massage techniques, this extremely relaxing massage is performed with essential oils and instils a charge of energy throughout the entire body.

  • 25 minutes
    € 50,00

Couple’s Massage

An excitingly unique experience to share. This regenerating massage performed with essential oils helps alleviate stress and tension and immediately confers wellness and vitality.

  • 50 minutes, per person
    € 68,00
massaggio di coppia
massaggio californiano

Californian Massage

Born towards the end of the 1960s in California (USA) from a group of therapists of the Esalen Institute in a period that saw the emergence of strong new needs for protection, comfort, peace, tenderness and love. A very harmonious massage characterised by wide, enveloping movements to “embrace and wrap” the body, making you feel “here and now”, with full awareness of body and mind. Grazing, tractions, vibrations, kneads, sliding pressures, rubs, cradlings, stretching, all have a toning action on the skin, act on the muscular system to relieve tension, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation and reactivate the vitality of breathing, benefiting all organs and conferring an extraordinary sensation of wellness.

  • 50 minutes
    € 75,00

Deep Connective Massage

Deep massage that tones and firms, adjuvant in cellulite treatment programs and in remodelling the body.

  • 50 minutes
    € 65,00
massaggio connettivale profondo



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