This is paradise.

Unforgettable. This is what we can say about any of our thermal synergy massotherapies.
There are lots of ways to experience the thermal spa: thermal synergy massotherapies are spas at the deepest and most sublime level we can imagine. A wellness that is impossible to explain because there are no words suitable to communicate the state of mind and spirit that these types of experiences yield.
That is why we say that “this is paradise”, because our massotherapies can take you there, in an area of relax where not even your imagination dares to go… you will discover massages, showers, four-handed treatments, holistic massages, lymph-draining massages, physiotherapeutic massages. You will discover that total wellness is a luxury you can no longer do without.
Take advantage of the chance to touch the sky! Browse through this page and discover all our offers for you.

Important information for Clients:
Please arrive in the relax room 5 minutes before the start of treatments in order to avoid problems or delays. During treatments, please follow the indications of the staff regarding routes to be taken. Our reception is always at your disposal for any information or clarification, and so is the facility’s physician, if necessary. Treatment duration times are supplied for the sole purpose of allowing the Client to assess how much time will be required in order to undergo the chosen treatment; it is hence not to be intended as the net time necessary for the treatment.

massaggio di sinergia termale

Thermal Synergy Massage (Total or Specific)

Massage characterised by a series of manual manoeuvres that act on the muscles. Eases tension and improves articular mobility and the antalgic state. Exalts and completes the efficacy of mud-balneotherapy and of balneotherapy in the thermal pool. Duration: about 50 minutes for the total / 25 minutes for the specific.

  • specific 1 session
    € 45,00
  • specific 6 sessions
    € 200,00
  • specific 1 session
    € 60,00
  • total 6 sessions
    € 290,00

Myofascial postural massage

Deep massage that acts directly on the entire body structure. Helps rebalance and alleviate body tensions induced by incorrect posture or movements. Through finger pressure and mobilizations performed in sequence on trigger points that unlock articular movements and loosen muscular rigidity, it allows recovering proper and complete balance and wellness and favours physiological realignment of the entire posture. In addition, through slow, deep motions, it acts on skin and muscle tone, and consequently has a beneficial effect on organs and on blood and lymph circulation, too.

  • 50 minutes
    € 70,00
massaggio posturale miofasciale
massaggio fisioterapico

Physiotherapeutic Massage

The most frequently used massage in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, both in the case of degenerative diseases (arthrosis) and in post-traumatic events. Deep massage, extremely regenerating and tension relieving. By stimulating trigger points, it returns mobility and harmony to muscles and joints. It can be performed on the entire body or only on specific areas (the back).

  • tot. - 50 minutes
    € 65,00
  • spec. - 25 minutes
    € 50,00

Thermal Dew Shower Massage

Total massage with an extremely relaxing and energizing action, thanks to the health properties of water that is sprayed on the body as fine mist. Stimulates a long-lasting state of wellness.

  • 25 minutes
    € 50,00
docciamassaggio rugiada termale
massaggio linfodrenante manuale

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Body Massage (Total or Specific)

Massage characterised by slow, rhythmic movements that reactivate the circulation of blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminating toxins and instilling an extraordinary sensation of wellness and vitality. Through specifically focused gliding strokes and light pressure, it is an important adjuvant in treating cellulite and in cases of water retention.
Duration: 50 minutes for the total / 25 minutes for the specific.

  • Total
    € 60,00
  • Specific
    € 45,00

Holistic Manual Lymphatic Drainage Body Massage (Total or Specific)

Massage treatment with a draining, detoxifying, diuretic and anti-stress action. Perfect and important integration in cellulite treatment programs and in cases of water retention. Through specifically designed progressions of vibrating massages and focused gliding strokes, the lymphatic system is stimulated starting from the main lymph node stations in order to revive their natural activity. Duration: 50 minutes.

  • 50 minutes
    € 65,00
massaggio-linfodrenante-olistico manuale corpo specifico



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