Cold, temperate and hot baths.

Immerging yourself in our therapeutic thermal pools is certainly the best way to regenerate yourself in the mystical and suggestive ambience of their steam.

A healthy bath to restore vitality and harmony to your body and to regain your psycho-physical balance, far away from daily sources of stress.

Today, the natural thermal system of Rapolano – the simultaneous presence of hot, cold and temperate baths – has been rebuilt. It is a practically unique model, object of pilgrimages by health-conscious adults.

Thanks to the possibility of benefitting from thermal springs having differentiated temperatures – something which had been lost in the course of time
– our clients have at their disposal a system of indoor and outdoor pools at temperatures that vary between 25°- 26°C and 37°- 39°C, which they can frequent based on the season and the most suitable spa itinerary.

The covered entrance allows accessing the external pool in the colder months, making for an enjoyable and suggestive bathing experience in the therapeutic thermal pools even on weekend nights.


  • From Monday to Friday
    € 13,00
  • Saturday, Sunday, holidays and days before holidays
    € 17,00
  • Children between 4 and 9 years old
    € 10,00-12,00
  • Afternoon from Monday to Friday from 3 pm
    € 11,00
  • Afternoon Sundays and holidays from 4 pm
    € 13,00
  • Afternoon Saturday from 7 pm
    € 13,00

Querciolaia 10

  • Weekdays
    € 100,00
  • Weekdays and holidays
    € 130,00


Duration is 12 months from membership date. Please read the medical indications and counter-indications regarding thermal bath therapy that you can find in the information pamphlet given to you upon arrival together with your entrance ticket. A preparatory medical examination is required.

  • Subscription 30 weekdays and holidays
    € 350,00

Simple rules to fully enjoy our thermal spa

Please switch cell phones to silent mode or turn them off.

Please do not occupy the beds with bags, bathrobes, etc. Max. two beds per family.

The use of masks, flippers and similar equipment is prohibited.

Do not tread on the flower beds or damage the flowers.

Please avoid shouting, noisy games and other activities that may disturb others.

Snacks and/or meals may be consumed only in the cafeteria/bar and in the designated areas.

Access to the swimming pools from the edges and diving is prohibited.

Showering before entering the pool is

Handbook for our little guests


– Have fun in the pools, but do not dive in and do not wear flippers or masks.
– Play inside the park, but do not run or disturb the other guests.
– Walk on the lawn, but do not tread on the flowerbeds or damage the flowers.
– Laugh and talk with your friends, but do not make loud noise.




Therapeutic thermal pools